Happy New Year! [firstname, buddy]!

Being a good marketer is all about creating good habits and sticking to them.  As we usher in [DATE|86750|Y], we’re counting down our very own top ten marketing resolutions - feel free to steal any (or all!) of them.

Top 10

Marketing Resolutions for 2014

10. Blog Often

Hands down the best way build credibility and drive traffic  toward your site. Caution: May cause addiction.

9. Be more Social

Go to more events, meet more people; like, share and engage on social networks and do it every day. Your business will thank you.

8. Send Loving Newsletters

It’s a no brainer, right? Using resolutions 9 and 10 for inspiration. Make it weekly, bi-weekly or  monthly, it’s up to you but stick to it.

7. Targeted Content

The more you know about your customers the more ways you’ll find to delight them, so segment your list by creating groups to send timely, targeted emails.

6. Ask for Feedback

Real world customer validation is key. Call up one great customer a week and ask them for a quote. You’d be surprised at how positively they’ll respond.

5. Create an Editorial Calendar and Stick to It

This is where your blog, newsletter, social networks and eMail Marketing activities all come together like a seasoned orchestra.

Keep in mind: your calendar should be the baseline of your communications; feel free to improvise when situations demand it!

4. Get a Good Task Management App

There’s just no way to stay up on it all, but by assigning it all out and knocking items off daily, you’re guaranteed to improve your performance.

3. Create a Swag Bag

Hands down the best way build credibility and drive traffic  toward your site. Caution: May cause addiction.

2. Schedule a Weekly Metrics Meeting

Take a minute to look at your numbers (website traffic, PPC, emails etc. ) once a week.

You manage what you measure.

1. Share your Resolutions

Today’s a great day to get started: replace the content in here with your own, and tell your customers about your resolutions and ask them for theirs. Have fun with it! If you aren’t having any fun, it’s pretty certain your customers won’t either.

Happy Holidays
from everyone at [CLIENTS.COMPANY_NAME]!